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Ultimage hamper with hanging bar up.  Luxury premium laundry basket cart hamper.

Introducing the

Ultimate Hamper

Store. Separate. Hang. Roll.

An all-in-one laundry cart to optimize your laundry routine.

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Ultimate hamper rolling through bathroom. Master bathroom. Luxury bathroom. Premium laundry cart.

Fully funded on

We did it!  The Ultimate Hamper met is funding goal on Kickstarter, and we're on our way to the next  chapter of this story.  A huge thank you to all our backers for their generous pledges.  We can't wait for you to receive your hampers!

For those who didn't make a pledge on Kickstarter, stay tuned.  We will be transitioning to Indiegogo InDemand very soon.  The best way to get notified when we're live on that platform is to sign up to be on the newsletter.

Ultimate hamper close up.

A new way to laundry.

The Ultimate Hamper from Songbird is a revolutionary all-in-one laundry cart designed to help you keep folded laundry organized during storage and transport.

songbird cutout front colors.png

An elegant solution to a messy problem...

Hello Songbird,


You're invited to my laundry party!  Turn up your favorite music and let's get to it...laundry, that is!  As a wife and mother to three children, I am constantly washing, folding and transporting laundry.  Keeping each family member's clothes organized and separated during transport was a struggle.  I found that all the laundry baskets out there were inadequate for my family's laundry needs.  So I went on a journey to design my very own.

The Ultimate Hamper is my solution to the problem of transporting folded laundry, and much more!  Follow me on this exciting adventure.

In the meantime, find your song and sing it!

Yours Truly,


CEO | Founder

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Puting plastic divider in laundry cart. Hamper with dividers.  Luxury premium laundry cart.

* The prototype showcased above may not fully reflect the final manufactured product design.

* Utility patent has been issued.

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