• Taking next steps towards manufacturing

    Hello Everyone!

    We're pleased to announce that we've engaged Cosmo Sourcing and are currently performing an active search to identify a factory to get the Ultimate Hamper in full production.  We are very excited to work with the Cosmo team given their strong connection with multiple manufacturers across a varity of industries.  It took us a lot of effort to search and vet multiple sourcing companies, and we're confident we've partnered with the right team to take the Ultimate Hamper to the next level.

    We hope to select a manufacturer soon, and if possible, we'll take a tour and update you all with pictures and video. Until then, happy laundering!

    Your truly,


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  • Design for Manufacturing Update

    Design for Manufacturing Update

    Looking good....

    Hello Everyone!  We are getting deeper into this next stage of our journey, and things are looking good.  Here are some new design elements we've come up with I think you'll be excited about.

    One of the biggest updates from the prototype is the door.  Instead of a door that swings out on a hinge, it's now a removable clear panel that you pull up and out when you need to get to your laundry.  This provides for more stability while still allowing for easy access.

    The rear wheels are also slightly larger in diameter to make navigating over bumps and stairs more easy.

    And the hinge for the rotating hanging bar has been slimmed down considerably for a more sleek look and smaller form factor.

    What do you guys think of the new logo?  Would love to get feedback on that!

    Here's a closer look at the removable front door.  It slides in and out, which we found more practical than a swing-out door.

    Moving Forward

    We're very excited about our progress so far.  We will continue to provide updates as they become available.  In the meantime, please don't hesitate to comment or reach out.

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